Kompozytowe deski na taras i elewacje. | fascade board easyWALL
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Science + technology. How to keep the wood in good shape, improve its durability and guarantee easy installation.

Elewacyjna deska tarasowa z kompozytu

Benefits of easyWALL?

easyDECK façade boards are an innovative product offering both the natural feel of the wood and modern technology. Combination of wood and plastic guarantees the material is resistant to water and atmospheric effects, and easy to maintain and use. Our boards are composed of 60% wood dust and 30% high density polyethylene (HDPE). The remaining 10% are dye, stabilizers and UV filter protecting the boards against color fading.

Composite terrace boards are often chosen as an alternative for classic wood. Their unquestioned advantage is easier maintenance. Contrary to raw wood, composite boards do not require yearly oiling. The easyDECK terrace board system is easy to install, and all works can be performed on your own. All of the offered boards are instantly available at our warehouse in Stare Babice near Warsaw.


easyDECK terrace system boards are available in the following dimension:
21 mm (tick) x 146 mm (wide).
Covered surface: 136 mm

Available board lengths:
2400 mm, 3400 mm, 4000 mm

2.4 m

deska elewacyjna kompozytowa

3.4 m

deska elewacyjna kompozytowa

4.0 m

deska elewacyjna kompozytowa

light brown

deski elewacyjne - kolor jasno brązowy


deski elewacyjne - kolor brązowy


deski elewacyjne - kolor grafitowy

30×40 joist


Fixing screw

sruba montażowa

Finishing board

listwa cokołowa

Angle profile

listwa kątowa


fascade board

deska elewacyjna

fascade board

deska elewacyjna

fascade boards
(board orientation)

deski elewacyjne

fascade boards
(board and joist orientation)

deski elewacyjne